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Financial Consulting

At Aaron Tax and Accounting Services partnering with Trust Financial Consultants PLLC specializes in a variety of financial consulting's. Traditional financial planning focuses on just one aspect of wealth: investments. But you have a variety of needs that impact your financial stability. Shouldn’t your financial advisor see you as a whole, complex individual?

Most people don’t have access to excellent financial advice. Aaron Tax is a holding company for Trust Financial Consultants PLLC, which is specifically specialized in Financial and Investment Consulting's. We together offer solutions to help you meet your goals. We are specialized in Capital Markets, and Stock Investment Consulting. We won’t throw around jargon, charts, or invoices that you don’t understand. We provide consistent, reliable advice to help you reach your financial goals while educating you along the way.

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What we do for you...
  • Personal Financial Services to Reach Your Goals - Our lives and financial situations are constantly evolving — and with change comes an increased need for effective financial adjustments. Whether you’re experiencing significant lifestyle changes or you’ve decided you need more sophisticated money-management and financial insights, it’s time to engage a talented financial services advisor.
  • If you have goals you’d like to achieve for yourself, your family, or an organization special to you, Aaron Tax is ready to help. At our firm, we care about the lives and aspirations of our clients. That’s why we offer dynamic financial advisory services that evolve as your life does.

  • You can trust our skilled investment advisors to help you realize your most significant financial objectives for a better future.

  • Investment Advice -our financial advisors and portfolio managers have decades of experience working with institutional clients and their consultants. We advise on your investment decisions'. We know what challenges you’re up against and the solutions needed to address them.   Our offerings can optimize your assets, minimize investment costs, manage tax consequences, and reduce risk while maximizing return potential. Our experienced team has created solutions for: Closely Held Businesses, Corporations, Public Entities, and Share companies.
  • Financial management is crucial to business success, but not everyone knows where to start or how to proceed. As a business owner, you already have many responsibilities on your plate, so the added task of financial planning can take away from other high-priority duties. But with professional investment advisors, you can get the assistance you need to do both.

  • At Aaron Tax and Accounting Services partnering with Trust Financial Consultants PLLC, we have the investment consulting services that will help you reach your financial goals. Our investment consulting firm features a team of skilled advisors who know what it takes to create the best strategy for you.

  • Plan Your Retirement - Just because you stop working doesn’t mean you’ll be any less active. At Aaron Tax and Accounting Services, we make it easy to prepare for your future today. Retirement is supposed to be enjoyable and stress-free, so we created our planning process to be that way too. We base our advice on sound research and make it easy to focus on what’s most important – you!

We’re one of the few investment management companies that focus on supporting your company’s mission and furthering your long-term goals in the most personalized way possible. Our financial consultants create investment strategies based on your particular needs and aspirations, so your plan is tailored to your organization.

Once we establish a financial process, we focus on explaining it to you in a way that’s clear, honest, and easy to understand. We want you to feel secure and confident in our investment decisions, which is why we report back to you as transparently as possible. We always try to keep you in the loop when it comes to your finances.

Our financial consultants have been working with institutional clients and consultants for over 12 years. If our decades of experience have taught us one thing, it’s that all clients are different. That’s why at Aaron Tax and Accounting Services, we create customized investment strategies that provide the solutions you need. We work to benefit client relationships, optimize your assets and maximize return potential by managing tax consequences, reducing costs, and minimizing risks.

Working Together

It is difficult to keep maintaining the efficiency of your small business. It may even seem daunting to find solutions to get your business back on track. At Aaron Tax we can help provide you with this analysis of your business to help you make the right decisions for your business.


We Make Your Business Our Business



We stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments so you don’t waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the accounting and tax complexities. Contact us today and see how we can help you.



Our CPAs  provide individualized tax services to help alleviate your financial uncertainty and stress. With many years of experience, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to handle any tax situation.


No matter what type of financial situation you have, our team of experts will provide the best course of action. We serve clients in the greater DC Metro area with both individual and business accounting and bookkeeping needs.

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