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  • Filing for the annual individual and business income tax returns.
  • Review your business books prior to the annual tax filing.
  • Filing for the annual business income tax for all types of entities.
  • Prepare the quarterly tax estimate, so your business won't be charged penalty by the IRS for taxes due.
  • Prepare and file the quarterly payroll forms required by the IRS, and assist on paying the quarterly dues.
  • Prepare and file W-2 forms, W-3 forms and 1099 forms for small business.
  • Prepare 1120, 1120C,1065 and 990


  • Retirement planning
  • Business purchase and sale tax minimization structuring
  • Tax advantaged mergers and acquisition structuring
  • Insurance structure and sufficiency assessments
  • International business planning and structuring
  • Implementation planning and assistance
  • Negotiation and arbitration representation
  • Tax review and submissions support
Analysing Data
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